for the busy professional

Zoe Campbell is a hi-tech-yogi, a board member of the Bondi and Districts Chamber of Commerce and runs Bondi Yoga Therapy and Computer Coach Australia, which merges technology with the health practices of Ayurveda and Yoga.

As a Hi-Tech Yogi Zoe addresses the mind, body and lifestyle challenges from the fast growing critical issues and side of effects of a busy professional life and technology overuse.

Bondi Yoga Therapy Programs are delivered one-on-one as Yoga and Ayurveda were traditionally practised. They are suitable for people who want to learn how to incorporate Yoga and Ayurveda into their daily lives, for people with illness, injury, pre and post surgery, seniors and those with special and unique needs.

Zoe designs a Yoga Ayurveda Therapy plan based on each persons unique needs. A plan can incorporate exercise, meditation and breathing techniques, including digital and sleep hygiene tools. Each person is given the opportunity to discern the way they integrate a modern digital life with ancient healing practices.