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A turnkey solution for large houses the modern property market.

A solution for residential properties with 6 to 24 rooms under one roof.
And a long term quality tenant who IMPROVES your property while paying great rent!

>> Looking for one long term tenant with an interest in increasing the value of your property while paying the rent? We build strong communities in large homes and buildings who have an interest in maintaining and adding value to your property while they live there.


We offer a long term solution for residential property owners with 6 to 24 rooms under one roof:

  • Large houses of 6+ bedrooms
  • Small blocks of 3-4 bedroom apartments (we lease the whole block)
  • 1 to 3+ year contracts with flexible terms
  • Highly vetted executive tenants
  • Owner orientated agreements

We understand your needs as an owner. We’ve been looking after people like you for over 10 years.


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