Yvette Deerness

Yvette Deerness co-owns the jumping little community hub known as Badlambs Barbershop in Bondi Beach, with her partner Tony Mellis.

Yvette is also a lawyer, having spent over nineteen years as in house counsel for companies
and not for profits both in London and Sydney, and recently establishing  BondiSOLVE a small
consultancy providing in-house legal and general problem solving services.Being a business owner in Bondi and also a mum whose children attend local Bondi schools,
Yvette feels very connected to the heart and soul of Bondi and is a huge advocate for
celebrating the diversity, vibrancy and colour that Bondi has to offer. Yvette also has a special
interest in businesses working with social enterprise and not for profits to strengthen the
community fibre.

Bringing energy, focus and a strong work ethic with her, Yvette is looking forward to being part
of an impactful, agile Board that will work hard to support the diverse needs of business within
the Bondi community.

Live music, good food, reading, swimming and listening to her kids’ latest playlists while being
their uber driver are the things that re-charge Yvette’s batteries.

✉️ [email protected]

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